Baroque Collegium 1685

“Baroque Collegium 1685 may be a new name but as an ensemble it remains truly experienced,
which we could hear at last night’s concert. Joining the two forces: Polish ) and Czech  was
an extraordinary success, which pleased the huge audience. Everyone was overcome with joy
to listen to Bach Oster-Oratorium, a delightful aria performed by excellent soloists.
Keep it up – both for the performers as well as our series!”
                                                                                                             BACH 200 UW

Baroque Collegium 1685 is an international ensemble which aims to explore and communicate 
Baroque music, especially oratorio-cantata pieces, with passion and drama. 
It was founded in April 2016 on Agnieszka ┼╗arska’s initiative - Polish  musicologist,
conductor and culture manager, by performing  Johann Sebastian Bach’s Easter Oratorio
BWV 249 in prestigious series:  BACH 200 UW,  organized by the University of Warsaw.

Baroque Collegium 1685 vocal ensemble is made up of the members of Szczawnica Chamber Choir,
a group of passionate people, who for the last ten years, have made and popularized the vocal
polyphony music of various epochs and styles. Since 2011 the Choir has organized an international
artistic project called Baroque Explorations.  It has also  collaborated with professional singers
and soloists on numerous projects and appeared in festivals in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary
and  Czech Republic. 
Baroque Collegium 1685 instrumental ensemble consists of virtuoso instrumentalists 
of HIP trend (Historically Inspired Performed) who perform, among others, with Musica Florea orchestra
by Marek Stryncl and others  European ensembles. The artists give regular performances at festivals
all over the Europe. They have made many recordings awarded with prestigious awards.